Flu Shots. Not Mandated But Recommended!

So have you gotten both your COVID Vaccinations? Yes…good….No….why not? Now we start looking toward fall and winter and of course that means flu season. Last year the flu was almost non-existat because we were all staying home and not out and about too much. This year could be very different. This whole vaccine hesitancy seems so out there in left field to me. For as long as I can remember we as parents and before that as kids had to get our shots for different disease’s before we could go to school and you had to have proof from your doctor. That would qualify as a vaccine mandate would it not? So now simply because of politics the COVID vaccines are viewed in an intrusive way, violating ones freedom. Being ask to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of this virus is taking away someone’s freedom. What about my freedom to be protected from you spreading the virus? I am a firm believer in freedom of choice, but one must understand with certain choices comes consequences. You don’t want to get vaccinate then you may find yourself excluded from certain public gatherings like restaurants and bars or concerts and theater or even gyms and certain stores. Proprietors have the right to make those kinds of decisions based on what’s good for them and their patrons just as you have the right to choose. I started to write this to let you know about the need for flu shots here in the fall, so I will include a piece that explains much of what you need to know. Read below.

Flu Shots. What You Need To Know.