Genesis Back On Track.

Genesis! Reunited and now on what Phil Collins has called their final tour. They’re here in Chicago at the United Center November 15th & 16th. The reviews so far have been pretty positive (see below) and I’m sure their fans will flock to see them. My objection is their extreme pricing on tickets for the show. Very high even by 2021 standards. If you don’t believe me go on line and look at the prices. I was at my doctor’s office last week and he literally said “you don’t wanna know what I spent on Genesis tickets!” I said “you’re right” because I’m sure I’m paying for some them!! Anyway back to the show. I’ve seen them a couple of times back in the day and I’ve seen Phil as a solo artists. Very good, but not on my bucket list to repeat. At least not at those prices! For more on Genesis and how they’re doing on this tour read below.

Genesis Review: Phil Collins Comes Out With Guns Blazing.