With Swedish Days back in Geneva (yay!), you have to make sure you take full advantage of it! Let me tell you, if you want the true-blue (and yellow) Swedish cuisine, you better make your reservations for the Swedish Dinner at Copper Fox!!

Check out this menu.

Full disclosure…I have no idea what a lot of that is! I had to look it up. Thankfully, Copper Fox has the detailed menu on their website. Check it:

1st Course
Amuse Bouche

Gravlax on Knackerbrod-  Curred Salmon, dill, sweet mustard, cappers on toasted Swedish Cracker 

2nd Course

Roast Root Vegetable salad with lingonberry yogurt and Lingonberry vinaigrette.  Julienne Beets, Carrots, and rutabaga tossed with spring greens with a lingonberry vinaigrette.  Sprinkled with fresh blueberries and  Drizzled with a lingonberry yogurt.   

3rd Course
Kladomar: (Swedish Cabbage Rolls)  – A Swedish traditions, Seasoned meat, rice and egg stuffed in cabbage and topped with a tomato cream sauce. 

4th Course
Kottbullar: What Sweeden is known for- Swedish style meatballs served with mashed potatoes and topped gravy and accompanied by lingonberry jam. 

5th course

Swedish Cream-  Panna Cotta topped with a strawberry compote.  


If you want the best Swedish food during Swedish Days, make your reservations at Copper Fox! Seats are limited. Call to make a reservations – 331.248.0422



FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a paid endorser of Copper Fox, but there’s no debating that menu!