Global Warming! The New Normal?

I don’t know, but it seems to me that the damn pandemic has distracted us from so many other things that need our attention. I get the fact that first and fore most we need to get this plague under control, but man there’s been a lot going on. Crime up substantially, murders and smash and grabs, inflation is really a bitch and how bout all the strange and unusual weather and natural disasters that we’ve seen in just the last 6 months or so. Those fires out west have blackened and destroyed so much land and the loss of personal property and lives is horrendous. The strength of and the amount of storms both tropical and internal have been off the charts! Tornados in December, a hurricane one week and another the next! I love it when I hear someone use the phrase the new normal whether talking about the politics or the pandemic or the madness of crazy weather. The new normal? We’d better hope not!!




Global Warming.