Going to Summerfest? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hi it’s Leslie, and this past Saturday night, I saw James Taylor at Summerfest in Milwaukee. There are still plenty of great acts over the next two weekends including the Dave Matthews Band, Earth wind & Fire, .38 Special, Night Ranger, Spin Doctors, Jesus Jones and more. Here’s what you need to know if you are heading to  Summerfest this year:

Parking is a bit pricey, and difficult to get out of at the end of the night. I recommend using one of the parking apps.

The Summerfest website states that you can bring in an empty water bottle. This is a lie. Even after I showed the website to security, they still would not let me bring my empty water bottle in. No other food or drink is allowed, unless you have a medical necessity.

Security on Saturday took an extremely long time. I had a small purse, and the security guard dumped everything out and went through every single thing in my purse. One of my co-workers went on Friday and said they barely even looked in her purse, but to be on the safe side, leave the purse at home if you can, or at least take the bare necessities.

There are two main stages that have a higher ticket price, but all of the other stages are included in your $26 ticket. Last year, I saw the Black Crowes play at one of these smaller stages, and there are a lot of other bands that you can check out for a small amount of money.

There are a lot of food and beverage choices, and plenty of bathrooms too. You’ll also find a carnival, and kiosks with T-shirts, jewelry and other fun stuff.

Summerfest is right off of the highway, and it’s right on the lake. It’s a great venue, and it only took me an hour and a half to get there. Even though we had some issues, I still highly recommend it.

Have you been to Summerfest? What was your experience like? Let me know in the Facebook comments.