Source: YouTube

Ron Howard produced a new documentary about Jim Henson and his amazing career with the Muppets in TV and film.

His craft has been a part of most of our lives so the trailer might touch a sensitive nerve…especially when Kermit the Frog runs back into the shot with the little girl on “Sesame Street”.  ”

Jim Henson: Idea Man” begins streaming on Disney+ May 31st.

If you don’t know, Jim’s Muppets were on the #1 rated “Ed Sullivan Show” and the first season of “Saturday Night Live” (and various guest appearances over the years).

He was turned down by every network for “The Muppet Show” so he produced it himself and syndicated it WORLDWIDE.  “Sesame Street” and his films go without saying.

The doc has Frank Oz, who was also a Muppeteer, and became a director in his own right.