Human Moments

I have these all the time.  Yesterday I told you about the Human Moment I experienced with a random contract cable installer.  We were laughing so hard!  I wonder if anyone helped that poor couple to inflate their tires.  They were circling the car like Clark Griswold looking for the gas tank.  I really should have helped them, but I was too busy laughing.  And so was the cable guy.

A few weeks ago I was driving through Carol Stream and there was a girl in another car putting on eye make-up while driving.  She was not the best at multi-tasking and was weaving in and out of her lane.  The sensible mom in the minivan near us glanced at me all flustered with her driving and we had a Human Moment.  At that time and place we were both thinking the same exact thing.  I can’t type it…there are rules against that!  Just as there should be rules against Revlon and driving.