If You’ve Said Any of These Ten Things, You’re Officially Old

The kids on Reddit recently got into a big discussion about things you say that officially mean you’re OLD now.  And I guess I’m old, because referring to adults as “kids” made the list.  If you’ve said any of these ten things, you’re old . . .

1.  “It’s 8:30 at night . . . little late to start a movie.”

2.  “I can’t go out for dinner.  I have chicken in the fridge that I need to cook before it goes bad.”

3.  Referring to people in their early 20s as “kids.”

4.  “Why is the music so loud in here?”

5.  “Alcohol makes me sleepy.”

6.  You’re at Home Depot and say something like, “Oh yeah, that’s quality lumber.”

7.  You strap something to your car and then say, “Yep, that’s not goin’ anywhere.”

8.  “Oh, babe . . . check out these New Balances.”

9.  “That’s a nice box, keep it.”

10.  “No thanks, I can’t have caffeine this late in the day.  I’ll never fall asleep.”