Inmates Complete Job Training Program.
Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I’ve long been concerned about people who are incarcerated being able to make a fresh start, to return to being a productive member of society. So I was happy to read that the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a viable job readiness program for incarcerated individuals.
There have now been six groups who have graduated from the program called 2nd Opportunity, which helps inmates re-enter into society, by providing interviewing skills, financial literacy, communication skills and more.
Sheriff Dwight Baird was quoted as saying, “I am extremely proud of the partnership the sheriff’s office has developed with second opportunity to focus efforts on educating and preparing incarcerated individuals for a more seamless transition into the workforce upon release.”
This program will allow these individuals to become a contribution to society, once they have been released. So it’s a win-win for everyone!