It’s Been So Hot, Watermelons Are Exploding . . . and It’s Deadly?

It’s been so hot this summer, that some watermelons are turning into deadly ticking timebombs.  Sort of.

The heat can cause the fruit inside to ferment, and if that happens, you’ll see a frothy foam bubbling out of the watermelon.  It’s complicated, but basically it’s a combination of bacteria, the fruit’s natural sugars, and above-average temperatures . . . both where they grow, and where they’re being stored.

It may sound like a fermenting watermelon could be a FUN thing . . . like it’s becoming alcoholic . . . but it’s actually dangerous, and should never be eaten.

A fermenting watermelon is the ideal environment for toxic pathogens . . . including botulism, E. coli and Salmonella.  And if enough gas is produced in the process, it can cause the watermelon to EXPLODE.

To avoid the risk of fermentation, experts say you can keep watermelons in the fridge once you bring them home.  (Lol!  I’d love to know if ANYONE has room in the fridge for WATERMELONS.)

Bottom line:  If your watermelon starts foaming, get rid of it.

(Here’s video.) (WGME)