It’s National Night Out

Hey, it’s Leslie and today is National Night Out. It always happens on the first Tuesday of August, but do you know what this is about?

National Night out is also called America’s Night Out Against Crime. This event takes place throughout the nation, and it’s intended to help prevent crime by strengthening neighborhood communities.

So tonight, turn your porch light on, lock your door and go outside and talk to your neighbors, police officers, firefighters and other people in your town. Many suburbs have events planned, and some have already begun. You might find cookouts, block parties, neighborhood walks and more. In fact in Naperville alone, more than 45 neighborhoods registered to participate this year.

If you’re reading this blog, and it’s Tuesday August 1st, 2023, go right now and check your city or Town’s website to see if there are any National Night Out events in your area. Let’s all work together to strengthen our neighborhoods.