Let’s All Think About What We’re Doing!!

It would seem that there are a lot of folks out there who simply don’t believe or don’t care about the dangers of the coronavirus and it’s affects on everyone. How easily it is spread and what it can do to a person. Many who have survived come away with sever physical effects that can linger for a long time. This isn’t just old people but many of all ages who have managed to live through a bout with COVID and struggle to regain their previous form. When I hear stories like the following I simply don’t understand;

A police officer pulled up to a house near the Miami University campus in Oxford, Ohio, last weekend, he found a group of seven young men hanging around on the front porch, unmasked, drinking beer, and listening to country music. According to the police officer’s body-camera footage, he warned them that they’re violating pandemic rules, ran one guy’s license, and learned he recently tested positive for covid-19. Then, the guy dropped the bomb: Almost everyone at the party had the coronavirus.

It’s reckless incidents like this that lead to things getting out of hand and why Governor J.B. Pritzker announced Thursday that Region 7 of the Restore Illinois Plan, which includes Will County, will remain under strict mitigations. In effect since August 26, the restrictions were placed when the region surpassed an 8% positivity rate. Under current guidelines indoor dining is not allowed and group gatherings cannot exceed 25 people. The region is currently at 7.5%. The Illinois Department of Public Health will continue monitoring the region, which can move back to Phase 4 regulations when it averages 6.5% or lower over a 14-day period. Think about what you’re doing. Socially distance and wear the damn mask!