I, like many of you, am working from home the next two weeks. Not big deal, but there’s something new I have to deal with: Unabated family time. I spend as much time as I can with my wife and kids, but 24/7…well, that’s a lot of time to spend with ANYONE!

The key is to stay busy and stay active, mentally and physically!

Here are a few really creative ideas to help get you through Corona-Quarantine 2020!

1 – Have your kids write notes or color pictures for folks in nursing homes. A lot, if not all, nursing homes are closed to visitors to protect the vulnerable. How great would it be for a resident to get a letter from a child?!

2 – Watch Frozen II on Disney+ literally 400 billion times.

3 – Great chance to teach board games!

4 – This one takes some coordination, but:

5 – Since there is no March Madness this year, fill out random brackets! (Best restaurant, best Disney movie, etc).

6 – Here’s a good one:

7 -Make musical instruments out of household items. String some rubber bands over a tissue box for a guitar. Get creative! (also, send us a video of the band!)

8 – Bake something.

9 – Treasure/scavenger hunts are awesome!

10. Act out famous movie scenes…then send us the video!

Oh, and 11 – Listen to the radio!!!!!