Memories … light the corners of our mind … especially when they are musical memories.  Nothing triggers a memory, an emotion or a feeling like a song.  Tonight on the Mitch Michaels Music Challenge, Mitch wants you to share your favorite Musical Memory.  This is a wide open question … you can interpret it in many ways and none of them would be wrong.

Now Mitch and I are lucky in that working in radio we have been able to meet some of our musical heroes (Mitch met the Who … I met Duran Duran  – LOL)  So those are some pretty fab musical memories (Simon LeBon once asked me if I was wearing frilly knickers … I mean does life get any better than that!!)  Actually it does … (and I told Simon to behave) .  To be honest my best musical memories don’t involve celebrities, or concerts or interviews, they involve people I love.

I was lucky that I grew up in a house that was full of music.  None of us played an instrument (although my mother and I attempted piano lessons but realized that we had no natural talent.)  But music was always playing in my house.  On the radio or on the record player.  My Dad had a HUGE record collection and he and my mum would often stop everything and just start dancing.  I have one lovely memory of them dancing to this song in our living room.  They were both laughing and were so happy, I can picture it in my head so vividly and it was over forty years ago!   So this song always makes my eyes a little watery but it brings a big smile to my face whenever I hear it.

How about you… what’s your favorite musical memory?   (and thanks Mitch Michaels for an awesome week of Music Challenge questions!)