So last night we  said goodbye to all our favorite characters on Game of Thrones….the finale had mixed reviews but we can save that discussion for Game of Microphones tomorrow with Nick Jakusz.

I get it, not everyone watched Game of Thrones and for some reason some people seem the need to knock those of us who do … but whatever .. you do you.  (I didn’t watch Breaking Bad … but I know it was an amazing show, I just didn’t get around to it but I loved the enthusiasm of it’s fans when it came to an end.)  Moving right along … tonight I thought we could pay homage to our favorite shows that have left us … whether it’s Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory or those of you who are still sad that the Office ended.   Let’s look at some of the great songs about goodbyes.

I do realize that songwriters were more than likely thinking about a lover not their favorite show when they wrote these songs … but we can still roll with it.

I have had eight seasons of absolute fun watching Game of Thrones.  I have loved sharing the journey with so many friends.  I have the loved the post episode conversations, the meme’s, the jokes and the costumes at Halloween.  I have loved yelling “Where are my Dragons” when I can’t find something around the house and I love that whenever my hubby gets the firepit going he says “Dracarys” .   BUT the party’s over so in honor of my sad goodbye to Game of Thrones … I give you Journey…

Now you tell me your favorite song to say goodbye ….