People in L.A. Were Freaking Out Over a Tornado

If you haven’t seen it, a video has gone viral of a tornado tearing the roof off a building in suburban Los Angeles.  The tornado was tiny compared to the ones you see here in the Midwest, but L.A. rarely gets them, so people freaked out!

Everyone is loving the “very California” part of the video when the guy says, “It’s a tornado, bro.”

Careful…lots of profanity here.

@flawlesspuppiess While me and my husband was out working this what we ran into 😮😮 tornado in california @foxnewschannei @c4news @newsnationnow ♬ original sound – Flawlesspuppiess🥰

Even more mindboggling than the couple in the car, is the guy STANDING IN THE GD STREET!! Get down!!! Go inside!!

To be fair, we do the same thing here, right? Usually can you can find a guy filming from their front door every time a tornado is in our neck of the woods, too! I won’t judge too harshly!