Real Serious Question here…Are Hot Dogs an Acceptable Burger Topping?

I had problems getting over having an egg top a burger until I started eating a burger without a bun while trying to lose weight.  The egg added the extra I needed and I liked it.  But really, A hot dog as a burger topping?  See below.

BuzzFeed just did a poll on what does and doesn’t belong on burgers.  And 8% of us think tossing a hot dog or two on there sounds reasonable.  Here are a few more potential burger toppings, and how we feel about them . . .

1.  Does ketchup belong on a burger?  11% said no, and a few other classics received some hate as well:  32% wouldn’t put mustard on a burger . . . 26% said no to tomatoes . . . 24% don’t like pickles . . . 9% stay away from lettuce . . . 28% said no mayo . . . and 62% don’t think relish belongs on burgers.

2.  Bacon?  Yes, 83% like it on a burger.

3.  Grilled onions?  72% said yes.  And 55% think onion RINGS are an acceptable burger topping.

4.  Ranch dressing?  Just 30% said yes.  But 59% are cool with barbecue sauce.

5.  Blue cheese?  67% would NOT put it on a burger.

6.  Potato chips?  Only 30% think that sounds good.  And just 36% of us would do fries on a burger.

7.  Avocado?  57% think it’s a good burger topping.

8.  Jalapeños?  46% of us are into it.

9.  Chili?  Only 24% said yes, maybe because it’s so messy.

10.  Salsa?  76% said it DOESN’T belong on a burger.

11.  Mac-and-cheese?  Only 18% would go for it.

12.  Peanut butter?  11% said sure, why not.