Rock Song Lyrics That Didn’t Age Well

A website put together a list of rock lyrics that haven’t exactly aged well.  For some, it’s about old references or outdated technology . . . while others have slurs or other language that just isn’t accepted anymore.

See what we mean with these 10 songs:

1.  “Money for Nothing”,  Dire Straits:  It has a homophobic slur.

2.  “One Week”,  Barenaked Ladies:  It makes outdated references to LeAnn Rimes“The X-Files”, and Harrison Ford in “Frantic”.

3.  “Star 69”,  R.E.M.:  The “last-call return” function on phones is pretty much obsolete these days.

4.  “Run for Your Life”,  The Beatles:  It comes across as misogynistic.

5.  “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”,  Aerosmith:  Even though the lyrics are playful, they’re no longer “P.C.”

6.  “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”,  The Arrows:  No one is putting another dime in any jukebox these days.

7.  “Before the Kiss, a Redcap”,  Blue Oyster Cult:  Gas is no longer CHEAP.  At the time the song was written, a gallon cost about 35 cents. (According to an inflation calculator online, 35 cents in 1972 would be the equivalent of $2.56 in today’s money.)

8.  “The Power of Equality”,  Red Hot Chili Peppers:  It mentions cassette tapes and CDs, which are pretty outdated.

9.  “One in a Million”,  Guns N’ Roses:  It could be offensive with the racial, xenophobic, and homophobic slurs.

10.  “Seventeen”,  Winger:  The singer was 27 when it was released.  He claims he didn’t realize 17 was considered underage when he wrote it.