Schools Requiring Vaccinations For Students To Return.

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought a lot of questions to the forefront as we now vaccinate our way out of it. I’ve heard the question can employers require you to be vaccinated before coming back to work? From what I’ve read that is not something they can require, but what about schools? Teachers have been put in the front of lines to get them vaccinated and have their environment be a bit safer, but what about the kids. There’s talk that at least some kids will be able to get the shots by fall, but now it also looks like many colleges are looking to require vaccinations before returning to school in the fall. This not a new step for our education systems. Most schools, elementary, middle and high school require specific inoculations to attend class anyway. Colleges are in the same mode and this pandemic has simply made this issue more immediate. So when your turn comes step up and take your shot! It will be interesting to see if the rulings by higher education institutions are challenged by some who don’t want the vaccine. What are your thoughts on this?


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