So This Whole Mask Thing!

So this whole mask thing, it’s very confusing and lacks any real direction! Now I’ve been a proponent of wearing the mask from the get go. If you listen to me much you’ve certainly heard me repeat the phrase wear the damn mask. I believe the masks did a lot of good toward keeping people safer and helping stop the spread of the coronavirus. So I’m at Home Depot yesterday buying some flowers. Had my mask in my pocket being out doors and fully vaccinated for over a month and I was surprised to see how many folks were still wearing their masks. Like I said we were outdoors so I was pretty comfortable not wearing mine and I spoke to several folks, most who said they were fully vaccinated too, and yet they had theirs on and we all laughed at the confusion of what it is and what it shall be.  Almost a Led Zeppelin reference there! The CDC says that if you’re fully vaccinated and after two weeks you can go maskless indoors or out unless one is required. That’s part of the problem! Many places still require them and people are pushing back on company or even state mask mandates. It’s tough to not have a general consensus about how this should go but then I guess we’ve not had a consensus on mask wearing from the beginning anyway, have we!