So who DIDN’T Make Into The Rock Hall?
It’s Leslie Harris, and by now you’ve heard about the people who are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, like Peter Frampton, Ozzy Osbourne, and Mary J Blige.
So what about the people that didn’t get in? What about all of those people that have never been nominated? There are so many that I think should be in there, and not necessarily ones that I like. I see a lot of names of people who were highly influential, even if they aren’t my favorites, and maybe weren’t all that commercially successful.
Here is my list of who I think should be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, and aren’t. (And are eligible) I think you’ll be surprised by some of these names.
Bachman-Turner and Overdrive, never nominated
Bad Company, never nominated
The B-52’s
Blood Sweat and Tears, never nominated
Joe Cocker
Emerson Lake and Palmer
J Geils Band
Grand Funk Railroad
The Guess Who
Billy Idol
Iron Maiden
Jane’s Addiction
Jethro Tull, never nominated
Kansas, never nominated
Korn, never nominated
Lenny Kravitz
Marshall Tucker Band, never nominated
Megadeth, never nominated
The Meters
The Monkees
Motley Crüe
Pantera, never nominated
Iggy Pop
Joe Satriani
Slayer, never nominated
Sonic youth, never nominated
Stray Cats
The White stripes
Steve Winwood
Weird Al Yankovic
Warren Zevon
Do you agree with this list? Who would you add or subtract? Let me know in the Facebook comments