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If you are tapped into the world of trendy baked goods, you may have already seen the newest thing lighting social media on fire…literally! OK…not “literally” but almost.

It’s called BURN CAKES. I first saw it on this post from a baker in Oswego, Baked By Lys! (check ’em out!)

You can see why they would be popular! Seeing a cake on fire will stop even the most hardened doomscroller from flicking their thumb. Besides the scroll-stopping flames, the creativity that this allows is off the charts! You can see how this would be great for gender reveals, proposals, homecomings, really anything you can think of!

So, first things first. How does it work?!

Well, it works because of a thin, edible paper made of starch of wafer. Want some? You can grab it at

How long has this been a thing?! Well, the TREND is really just taking off, thanks to CakesByNam.

@cakesbynams Replying to @Lexy also this is why i burn from the center..less fall out 🤌🏽 #katniss #katnisseverdeen #hungergames #balladofsongbirdsandsnakes #burnawaycake ♬ оригинальный звук – Ding dong

It doesn’t hurt that Ellen had one at her birthday party too!


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While it’s gaining traction now, it looks like its’ been around for at least a few years:

@littleshopofhomer What’ll you burn? Play Safe 🔥👩‍🚒 Originally saw the burning technique by Four Seasons in Japan on IG. Unsure who did Closer (Super Mario Bros. Remix). And since we’ve been getting lots of requests for it… How To coming soon, follow for more #playingwithfire #cakealternatives #birthdaysurprise #cake #birthday #besafe #portal #horror #cardtrick #thecakeisalie ♬ original sound – Little Shop of Homer

Here’s a great how-to video, if you want to have a cake…with a little DANGER!