Jessi and Jon

I am still at it! While in Michigan for Thanksgiving break I was able to meet up with my friend Jon and take a new picture to compare it with our old Middle School one. We did not get on a train but we did have some fun at a Dave & Busters. What do you think of my new sparkle sweater from Kohl’s?  So cute, huh?  This time Jon did not let me borrow his jacket to keep warm.

It was so cool to meet up with someone that I haven’t seen in over 25 years.  Here is what he has been up to: He used to live in Illinois!  He moved back to Michigan, works in sales, has 3 kids and a beautiful wife, Emily.  If I moved back home we would be very good friends because she watches Teen Mom, too!  I never got to attend a High School Reunion so I have been making up my own mini versions.  He showed me some pictures of our other friends that I have not had time to stalk myself.  It was nice to catch up and now I can pull another photograph from the pile and start researching my next victim 🙂  JB