The Goats are Coming!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I am excited about some visitors to Downers Grove. A herd of goats and sheep will be assisting with natural brush management at the Belmont Prairie Buffer on Walnut Avenue.

They’ll be dining on common buckthorne, honeysuckle, roses, spotted napweed, Queen Anne’s lace and even poison ivy. These are all invasive species, and will allow native plants to grow more easily.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to pet them, as they will be behind a low voltage electric fence, but, we can go and see them! The goats and sheep will be at the Belmont prairie buffer on Walnut Avenue in Downers Grove through August 20th, unless they do a really good job and then they may leave sooner. Bring your kids and or grandkids. They’re really fun to see.

If you go see the goats and sheep, perhaps sing Sheep by Pink Floyd or maybe The Lonely Goat Herder from The Sound of Music.