The Government Is Banning Jokey Messages on Highway Signs

Is this something that needs to stop, or are a few grouches just ruining the fun?

The federal government is ordering states to stop putting funny messages on highway signs.  We’re talking about the light-up ones that normally say things like, “Buckle Up” or “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Studies have shown that messages that include humor or pop culture references can be good, because you’re more likely to remember them.  Some states even let you submit your own ideas.

But the Department of Transportation claims they can also be dangerous . . . take longer to read . . . and cause crashes because of distracted driving.  They can also confuse people.

For example, officials in Ohio got calls a few years ago when they posted a message for Christmas that said, “Life is FRA-GEE-LAY, drive safe.”  Some people didn’t get the reference from the movie “A Christmas Story”.

The feds recently updated their 1,100-page manual and said states have two years to comply with the new regulation and stop posting funny messages.

Here’s the type of thing they’re banning.  We pulled together some of the best highway messages we’ve seen over the year.

1.  “Tailgating is for football, not highways

2.  “What’s worse than pineapple on pizza?  A car wreck

3.  “Visiting in-laws?  Slow down, get there late

4.  A texting-and-driving one that said, “Get your head out of your apps.

5.  A “Christmas Vacation” one that read, “Cousin Eddie says Twitter’s full.  Put down the phone.

6.  Lots of turn signal ones:  “Don’t be a stinker, use your blinker” . . . “Does your blinker not work, or what?” . . . and, “Turn signals, the original instant message.

7.  Another one at Christmas that said, “Santa sees you when you’re speeding.

8.  “Four I’s in Mississippi, two eyes on the road

9.  “Baby Yoda uses the Force but still needs a car seat.

10.  One for Fourth of July that said, “Don’t drive star spangled hammered.

11.  For Saint Patrick’s Day, “Luck of the Irish won’t help you with a DWI.

12.  Two that embraced the New England accent:  “Use yah blinkah” . . . and “Go the extra yahd this weekend.  Drive sobah.

13.  One for pot-smokers that said, “We’ll be blunt.  Don’t drive high.”  And another that said, “Puff, puff?  Pass the keys to a designated driver.

14.  One during summer that said, “100 is the temperature, not the speed limit.

15.  A “Ghostbusters” reference that said, “Who ya gonna call?  Nobody . . . you’re driving.

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