The Top 20 Pieces of Advice We’d Give Our Younger Selves

If you could call your younger self on the phone, what’s the first piece of advice you’d give?

39% of us have at least one big regret in life, according to a new survey.  And half of those people said it has to do with a RELATIONSHIP.  But that ISN’T the first thing we’d bring up.  Here are the Top 20 things we’d want to tell ourselves . . .

1.  Be more confident.  Good advice in general, just easier said than done.

2.  Try not to care what other people think.  Again, not as easy when you’re young.

3.  Don’t let opportunities pass you by.  In other words, seize the day.

4.  Look after your physical health.  Don’t wait until you’re already old and sore.

5.  Don’t waste time on negative people.  They’re not worth it, stay positive.

6.  Learn from your mistakes, so you don’t repeat them.

7.  Save 10% of your paycheck.  The earlier you start, the better.

8.  Get in the habit of eating healthy.  Your metabolism WILL slow down someday.

9.  Go on all the vacations you can.  Don’t get so focused on work, you skip them.

10.  Invest in property as soon as possible.  Gen Z’ers LOVE getting that advice.  “Just buy a house, kids . . . no big deal.”

11.  Don’t settle.  That applies to work, relationships, and everything else.

12.  Relax and enjoy the ride.

13.  Look after your mental health.

14.  Spend more time with your parents while you still can.

15.  Celebrate the little wins in life.  Not just the big ones.

16.  Take more risks.

17.  When it comes to dating, don’t be afraid of rejection.  So, just be yourself.

18.  Always be there for your friends.

19.  Take more photos.  Didn’t cell phones kinda solve that one?

(A poll last month found the average person has 2,795 pictures on their phone.)

20.  Be disciplined with your time.  In other words, don’t waste it.

(Fox News)