Want a House that Smells like a Dive Bar for the Holidays?

People love nostalgic smells in their homes over the holiday season: Freshly baked cookies . . . a wood fireplace . . .

pine needles . . . hot cocoa and peppermint . . . cloves . . . cinnamon . . . gingerbread.

But Miller High Life wants to add in the cozy smells of . . . a DIVE BAR.

To celebrate their 120th anniversary, Miller High Life is selling a “Merry High Light,” which is a two-and-a-half-foot, light-up neon tree.  It’s basically a 3-D bar sign, topped with a Miller High Life logo.  (Here’s a look at it.)

But here’s the kicker: it’s been “infused with the scent of sweet tobacco” . . . allowing the odor of cigarettes to waft through your home.

If this sounds like a must-have decoration, you can order yours for $120 through Miller’s online store.  But hurry, there’s only a limited number of them available.  They will hit the store TOMORROW . . . and if you order one, they promise it’ll get to you by Christmas.

(Food & Wine)

(Miller also has a contest to win a single, full-sized FIVE-FOOT version.)