Who You Callin’ A Dinosaur?

Dinosaurs! As a kid I was always fascinated by them and I think now with all the added screen time they’ve received in the past 40 years or so every kid has some interest in them. From Godzilla to Jurassic Park to seeing the skeletal remains of Sue at The Field Museum there’s lots of evidence dinosaurs were here for more than just a short while. Turns out dinosaurs survived and thrived for 165 million years far longer than the roughly 300,000 years modern humans have so far roamed the planet. So just as I like to say “show a little respect for your elders”. I mean my kids and maybe some of my co-workers think of me as a “dinosaur”, but no worries I’m not extinct (just yet) and I did get to see almost all the cool bands (Beatles, Stones, Doors, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Who, Floyd, CSN&Y, Bruce, Elton, ok I’ll stop….my one regret I did miss Janis). I guess I kinda did get off the original direction of this didn’t I? Well check out the piece below for all the right answers on dinosaurs.

What We’ve Been Getting Wrong About Dinosaurs.