Why You Need At Least Four Different Email Addresses

How many email addresses do you have?  I only have one, and I feel like a lot of kids from the ’90s are in the same boat as me. If you are, then friend, we are certainly behind the times! According to Lifehacker.com, it’s good to have at least FOUR email addresses (besides the one given to you by your place of business), and the reasons make a lot of sense for how we move through our digital lives.

1.  Your personal email.  This is your most protected email address.  Only friends and other people you want to hear from should have it.  Don’t ever enter it into web forms, don’t use it to sign up for accounts or shopping.  Protect it.

2.  An email for apps, trials, and shopping.  Use this address whenever you buy something, sign up for an app, or start a free trial.  This address will get a LOT of marketing messages, most of which you really don’t want or need.

3.  An email for newsletters.  Email newsletters are everywhere.  If you sign up for them using one email, that inbox becomes kind of like a curated news feed for you.  You can open it and just focus on reading and enjoying.

4.  An email for your side hustle or other personal business.  This address is one where you’re going to get a LOT of sales pitches.