Will Your Kids Be Trick Or Treating. Here’s What Some Of Your Neighbors Think.

So just like the decision to send your kids back to school or keep them home for remote learning I’m glad I’m not in that quandary any more. So now what about trick or treating? I think I’m of a mind that my kids would not be out participating in this Halloween ritual this year. I do have two small grand sons and my daughter McKenna and I have discussed this and are in agreement. No trick or treating for the boys this year. The CDC is saying to avoid trick-or-treating which health officials have described as “high risk” during the coronavirus pandemic, but a local survey found that most parents contacted said that their kids would be trick or treating in some form this year. However almost 40% said they would not be sending their children door to door. Many folks said they will be passing out candy, but about 40% questioned said no they would not.

Here are some alternative suggestions to trick or treating :

  • A small gathering of kids maybe with a piñata full of candy instead of going trick-or-treatin
  •  Just going to give bags of candy to grandkids and a couple neighbor kids
  • Candy hunt in backyard
  • Carving pumpkins that will be thoroughly washed. Dressing up in our costumes, doing an Easter egg hunt with little candy filled pumpkins in the house, watching Halloween movies, playing games and eating lots of candy and taking cute pictures.
  • Table at the end of my driveway and we will stay in our garage with spooky music playing