10 Everyday Things That Should Be Illegal…(very interesting)

Have you ever been so annoyed by something that you wished it was ILLEGAL . . . like, say, Christmas music less than a week after Halloween?  Me too…here is a list of 10 Everyday things that should be illegal?

1.  Sending sick kids to school.

2.  Radio commercials that play car horns, sirens, or crash sounds.

3.  Parents who allow their kids to watch or play loud videos and games in public.

4.  Leaving a shopping cart in a parking space.

5.  Making articles of clothing with fake pockets.

6.  Meetings that should have been an email.

7.  People who cut you off and then slow down.

8.  Asking people questions while using a urinal or toilet.

9.  Talking on a speakerphone in public.

10.  Chewing with your mouth open.