13 Lockport Auto Shop Students Pass ASE Test, Ready for Employment

You hear all the time about “…kids these days!” How they are lazy, how our schools aren’t teaching “real life” skills.

Next time you see someone spouting off like that, tell them to zip it and share this story with them.

In fact, many schools continue to offer real world experiential learning, like shop class…or in this case, auto shop class. I know Naperville North has quite a program, and it looks like Lockport High School’s is also pushing their students to succeed.

Thirteen students at LHS’s auto shop class took and passed the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) exam, which allows each of them to start working professionally right out of high school.

Many of them already work in local shops and dealerships.

The idea that college is the only avenue to successful careers is getting rather tired at this point, especially due to the cosmic price tag. More and more students are entering the trades, and technology is making that a much more enticing option. The advances made in plumbing, HVAC, electrical and other trades make it an easier job than it had been decades ago.

We need some or best and brightest to continue to build and maintain the systems that keep society moving. If you think high schools do not know this, think again.