10 Interesting Facts and Stats from Super Bowl 58

After last night’s big game, we ventured out into the Internet in search of some trivia and interesting facts on Super Bowl 58.  Here’s what we came up with:

1.  There were two record-setting field goals in Super Bowl 58.  In the second quarter, San Francisco kicker Jake Moody drilled a 55-yard field goal to make it 3-0.  That was the longest field goal in Super Bowl history.

The record had stood for 31 years.  The previous record of 54 yards was set in 1993 by Buffalo kicker Steve Christie.

But Moody’s record didn’t even last TWO QUARTERS.  In the third quarter, Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker set a new record with a 57-yard field goal.

2.  Moody also missed an extra point in the fourth quarter that MIGHT have ultimately prevented overtime . . . but who knows.  Moody was previously 68-for-68 on extra point kicks.  The kick was blocked.

3.  The Chiefs are the NINTH team to REPEAT as Super Bowl champs . . . and the first since the Patriots did it in 2004 and 2005.

4.  The 49ers have lost the last THREE Super Bowls they’ve appeared in.  They also lost in 2020 to the Chiefs . . . and in 2013 to the Baltimore Ravens.  (Somewhere, Bills fans are saying, “Oh, cry me a river!”)

Their last WIN in the Super Bowl came in 1995 against the then-San Diego Chargers.  They’re now 5-3 in Super Bowls.  (Somewhere, Lions fans are saying, “Oh, cry me a river!”)

5.  Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan were the FOURTH pair of head coaches to face each other in multiple Super Bowls.  And now, the coach who won the first game is 4-0 in the rematches.

6.  Patrick Mahomes was 28 years, 147 days old on Sunday and became the first quarterback in NFL history to start FOUR Super Bowls prior to turning 30. He easily broke the record set by Tom Brady, who started HIS fourth Super Bowl at 30 years and 184 days old.

7.  This was the first Super Bowl to go to overtime since the notorious Super Bowl in 2017, which was the ONLY other overtime game.  That was the one when Tom Brady and the Patriots stormed back from a 27-3 deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons.

8.  I know this isn’t any consolation, but after the game, Vegas named the San Francisco 49ers the favorite to win the Super Bowl . . . NEXT year.  The Chiefs are hot on their tails.

9.  This year’s Gatorade bath was PURPLE . . . just like it was when the Chiefs won last year.  (Here’s UNCENSORED video.)

10.  A lot of football fans were caught in the middle . . . and watched the Super Bowl without rooting for either team.

If you were LITERALLY and PHYSICALLY halfway between Kansas City and San Francisco . . . you’d be in Green River, Wyoming.  It’s a small town of in the southwestern part of the state.  (???)