25 Stoner Songs for 4/20, Ranked by Potency

Happy 4/20 Eve!  Billboard.com put together a list of 25 stoner songs for all those that celebrate tomorrow’s weed day.  Here they are, ranked by POTENCY:  (It’s a scale of one, for mildly buzzed, to 10, for totally stoned.)

1.  “Mary Jane”,  Rick James:  10

2.  “Stay High”,  Three 6 Mafia:  10

3.  “Legalize It”,  Peter Tosh:  Nine

4.  “Pass That Dutch”,  Missy Elliott:  Nine

5.  “Smoke Two Joints”,  Sublime:  Nine

6.  “Hits From the Bong”,  Cypress Hill:  Nine

7.  “Sweet Leaf”,  Black Sabbath:  Nine

8.  “I Got 5 on It”,  Luniz:  Nine

9.  “Pass the Kouchie”,  Mighty Diamonds:  Nine

10.  “The Next Episode”,  Dr. Dre featuring Snoop DoggNate Dogg, and Kurupt:  Eight

11.  “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35”,  Bob Dylan:  Seven

12.  “Marijuana”,  Kid Cudi:  Seven

13.  “Weed with Willie”,  Toby Keith:  Seven

14.  “D’Evils”,  Sir:  Seven

15.  “We Be Burnin'”,  Sean Paul:  Seven

16.  “Addicted”,  Amy Winehouse:  Seven

17.  “Reefer Man”,  Cab Calloway:  Seven

18.  “Young, Wild & Free”,  Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg featuring Bruno Mars:  Seven

19.  “Broccoli”,  DRAM featuring Lil Yachty:  Six

20.  “Roll Another Number (For the Road)”,  Neil Young:  Six

21.  “You Don’t Know How It Feels”,  Tom Petty:  Five

22.  “How High”,  Method Man and Redman:  Five

23.  “James Joint”,  Rihanna:  Four

24.  “Dooo It!”,  Miley Cyrus:  Two

25.  “Because I Got High”,  Afroman:  One

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