15 Things Parents Secretly Hate About Their Kids

Hate is a strong word.  I would say it was more like a nuisance when my son seems to always forget I don’t keep the same hours he does.  Like clockwork, he calls or texts me, almost always, just as I’m falling asleep.  I don’t think he knows how early 2am is to have to wake up.  He looks at 2am as the “time” he goes to sleep.  What about you?We all love our kids . . . or DO we? 

Someone asked people to name things they secretly HATE about their children.  Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Your weekends are ruined.  There’s no sleeping in when you have kids.  And even when they’re older, you have to shuffle them around to soccer games.

2.  How “cute” milestones can make things harder.  Like, they can talk . . . great, now they’ll never shut up.  Or, they can walk . . . now I can never sit down.

3.  Having to be nice to them when you’re in a bad mood.  People without kids don’t understand how daunting and endless it is.

4.  The mess.  It’s a lot harder to keep your home clean once you have kids.

5.  Mindless playing.  Like when they want you to play with their dolls or action figures with them, and you have to fake like you’re having a really fun time.

6.  It makes work harder.  Whether you’re at home or in an office, it interferes.

7.  All the extra cooking.  Then half the time, they complain or won’t eat it.

8.  Working all day, then having to go to a play or band recital.  Another example of never having enough free time.

9.  Dealing with other parents’ nonsense.  And also having to pretend you like them, or that you’d hang out even if you didn’t have kids.

10.  How touchy-feely kids can be.  Sometimes they can’t keep their hands off you.  And those hands are rarely clean.

11.  One mom admitted she secretly hates her kid for ruining her body.  Quote, “I love my kid, but my body will never be the same.”

12.  You can’t leave the house once they go to bed without getting a babysitter.  It’s almost like being in jail, or on house arrest.

13.  Not being able to take a day off when you’re sick.  You don’t really get to rest.  You still have to cook, clean, and help them with whatever they need.

14.  They follow you everywhere.  Say goodbye to privacy for a few years.

15.  The pressure that every little mistake made as a parent could scar them for life.  It’s mentally draining, and you constantly feel guilty.