30 Day Music Challenge – Day 10 – Get ready to get your tissues out … we are digging deep on this gloomy Monday.   We are looking for a song that makes you sad.   This is kind of like many of the questions, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sad song…. if that was the case REM’s Everybody Hurts would probably be everyones answer.   However a song the makes YOU sad may not evoke the same emotion in someone else.

So today is the  anniversary of when Rumours (spelled the English way) was released in 1977.   Such an amazing album and one I played from start to finish over and over again.  However there is one song on that album that has a very sad memory for me.

My dear Mum passed away when I was in college.  I was 20 years old.  I knew we were loosing her but I had a tough time communicating all of the things I wanted to say and express the emotions I was feeling.  As has always been the case in my life I was able to do so with a song.  This was the song.   It expressed what I couldn’t say.   Even today I struggle listening to this song as I remember listening to it with my sweet mama.

So 30 Day Music Challenge – Day 10 – A song that makes me sad…. I give you (from the amazing Rumours album) Songbird by Fleetwood Mac.


Now wipe those tears away and tell me what song brings a lump to your throat.  Go to Facebook and tell me a song that makes you sad.