As we almost approach the end of our 30 Day Music Challenge tonight’s question seemed familiar… I thought maybe they had doubled up so I read back the list of questions to see which one this reminded me of and I realized it was way back on Day 12.  So tonight’s question is … A song that you remember from your childhood … I was like … hold your horses … we’ve had that one but actually Day 12’s question was A song from your pre-teen years.  Hmmm … your pre-teen years?  Also known as your childhood.    So for day 12 I chose a song by The Sweet called Little Willy that I loved when I was about 8 years old.   So I guess with tonight’s challenge I will have to come up with something from the pre-eight year old years.   Hmmm… not sure I had the best taste in music during those years.  I mean I loved Bob from Sesame Street (People in your Neighborhood was my jam!)  …but let me really have a think about it.

Okay … I have it … I actually don’t remember liking this song but I remember my parents telling the story how I used to sing along with this song when I was a tiny tot.   Apparently I really loved the chorus (chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom don’t ya just love it…)   Of course I had no idea what the true meaning of the song was at that age … but my parents had the 45 and I think had a bit of a giggle when I joined in.

So on Day 29 of the 30 Day Music Challenge …A song that you remember from your childhood … I give you  … Daddy Dewdrop/Chick-a-Boom.

I think I still have that 45 in my basement!  So swing over to Facebook and let me know a song from childhood.