So hopefully last night’s Music Challenge question about songs that make you want to dance kept you toasty warm while dancing in your living room.   So as we continue to ride out this ridiculous weather lets look at the 30 Day Music Challenge – Day 7.   A song to drive to …

Now you can go two ways with this one… do you go with a car track … Life is a Highway… Route 66 … Little Red Corvette or do you just go with a song that you like to sing along to in the car.  Let’s face it we all become Grammy award winning performers when we are behind the wheel and heading home from work. (I was once caught by my best friend from high school’s little sister, who pulled up next to me as I was belting out a Gloria Estefan tune …. She never let me live it down.)    So we are all performers of various levels in our cars, however certain songs are more fun to sing along to than others.  For me I had to go back to the eighties again (because essentially with eighties tunes, I always know all the words.)

This tune reminds me of a sing along in a pub … and I always join in pub sing alongs.   This is obviously a fun song to sing along to as well… I mean Tooh lah, tooh la, tah roo rye – the bridge is pretty awesome.  Although if you have the full version of the song you can hear the outro that appeared on the album.  I really like singing along with that part as well.

Oh believe me if all those endearing young charms
That I gaze on so fondly today
Were to suddenly leave you, or fly in the night
Just like fairy gifts gone in the sky

So here you go .. Day 7 of the 30 Day Music Challenge … I give you Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen.


So now it’s your turn.  Swing over to Facebook and let me a great song to drive to.