58% of People Are Distracted by Their Pets During Sex

Ya think?  Pets can be a pain when it comes to your time in the bedroom.  Have you ever noticed how jealous they are of your time with your significant other?  You are not alone, literally.

A lot of people let their pets crash in the bedroom with them . . . so this probably comes up more than people like to admit.

What do you do with your pets when you’re having . . . well, FUN . . . in the bedroom?  Or, are they chill enough that you don’t have to do anything?

In a survey, 28% of pet owners say they do allow their pet to stay in the room . . . but 58% admit they’ve become “distracted” by a pet when they’re getting busy.

And 63% say they’ve stopped the fun . . . mid-session . . . due to their pet’s increasingly UN-CHILL presence.

72% of pet parents say they do take some form of action to keep their pet occupied or force them out of the bedroom when the mood strikes.  Which is probably a better option . . . for everyone involved.

(PR Newswire, via PetSmart)