A Chicago Restaurant’s $1 Burrito Event Has Been Linked to a Norovirus Outbreak

A bunch of northside college kids learned an important life-lesson last week.  If someone offers you a burrito for this cheap, be suspicious! Or…”sus” as the kids say.

A Mexican place near Northwestern had a “$1 burrito event” last weekend . . . that’s now been linked to a possible NOROVIRUS outbreak.  It’s sometimes called the “stomach flu.”

It’s usually caused by someone not washing their hands after they use the bathroom, and then preparing food.  It’s highly contagious and easy to pass on to other people.

A place called Big Wig Tacos & Burritos held the $1 burrito deal a few days before the Thanksgiving break.  So just as kids were heading home to see their families.

Students started showing up at the university health clinic with symptoms like stomach pains and diarrhea.  It’s not clear how many people got sick.

Big Wig Tacos said they weren’t sure if it originated at their restaurant or not, and that they’d just passed a health inspection.  But they were taking “immediate and comprehensive measures to address the situation.”

The fine folks at ABC7 did a more detailed write up!