A Hug Or A Handshake! Is That A Problem?

I believe we all thought by now this damn pandemic would be at least somewhat under control and that our lives would be able to get back to some kind of normalcy, and in some ways it has thanks to the vaccines and people getting their shots. The problem is two fold 1. this Delta Variant is much more difficult and contagious that any of the others and 2. the hesitancy of about 35% of the population of this country to get vaccinated. This really is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Well over 95% of people in the hospitals, sick anbd dying with COVID are unvaccinated.  Sadly with all the misinformation and all the talk of infringing on ones personal freedoms the lesson gets lost about the greater good and what it means if you choose not to consider those around you as well as your self. We’ve been able to get out and see and hear some live music, frequent some of our favorite hangouts and enjoy some of our friends company again. The whole argument about not getting vaccinated is quite strange to me. We as kids and then as parents dealt with diseases and their cures and have been required to get vaccinated from an early age, but all of a sudden this request to help fight off this virus by taking the vaccine is an infringement on ones personal space and freedom. Well how about my right to feel safe in room with you and lots of others. I’m vaccinated! Are you? I’m sure not interested in sharing space with if you’re not. Now comes the the start of warnings again that holiday gatherings might be a problem. That giving a hug or shaking a hand could still be an issue. Interesting piece on just that. Read below.

I’m Vaccinated. Can I Give a Hug or a Hand Shake Without Risk?