A Moon Wobble Is Coming!!

As the temperatures continue to rise to record heights and the wild fires burn out of control and the flooding comes in waves and the storms are more violent, destructive and come with more frequency, we humans need to take stock of what’s happening and say “what is this?” The argument about climate change and mans hand in its making are age old and continuous, but at some point we have to stop and come to a consensus about not only why but what we must do. Are the changes we make and actions we take going to be enough to alter what we have done so far? And then there’s the whole other angle that Mother Nature may take charge herself or other forces in the universe may alter our plans or our way of life or where we choose to live. I say other forces, say the moon, which controls the tides on earth changes its pattern or has a wobble. yes I said wobble. Scientists are predicting the moon will have a wobble sometime in the next 7 or 8 years and what that means is very significant for tides and coastal water levels and living, for the future.


Brace For Flooding. A Moon Wobble Is Coming.