A Study Found “Man Boobs” Can Be Deadly

Can’t believe I’m posting something with “man boobs” in the title. But if I can change just one life, this will be worth the risk. So…here goes.

A study out of the University of Copenhagen found men with man boobs . . . or “moobs” . . . are at a 37% higher risk for early death, before the age of 75.

The good news is just having them because you’re overweight doesn’t count.  It only applies to men with a condition called gynecomastia.  (guy-nuh-ko-MAST-ee-uh)  It’s when a hormone imbalance causes enlarged breast tissue.

Having big old honkers just because you’re chubby is different.  That’s called “pseudo gynecomastia.”  They say it doesn’t come with the same risks, although being overweight isn’t great either.

The bad news is you could have the bad version and not know it.  Experts aren’t sure but think it could affect between a third and two-thirds of men on some level.

The hormone imbalance can happen at any age but tends to peak during puberty, and again as you get older and testosterone drops.