A Valentine’s Day For Everyone

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and a lot of people look forward to Valentine’s Day, a lot of people get stressed out about Valentine’s Day, some people treat it just like any other day of the week, and a lot of people get down right to cranky about it. What if we all just treated Valentine’s Day as a day to express our love for EVERYONE?

I don’t mean just romantic love, I mean love for each other. You know, like call your siblings and tell them that you love them, just because. Or other family members, or even your friends. (maybe even your co-workers!) Sure, you can still go out to romantic dinners., and give flowers and candy, but what if we stopped seeing Valentine’s Day as a way of excluding people who aren’t in relationships, and just had this holiday be about INCLUDING everyone?

Will you join me in taking on being loving toward everyone you encounter tomorrow? Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day! :*

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