Are These Movies Really “Christmas” Movies?

Here is a list of Christmas movies . . . but are they REALLY “Christmas” movies?  Let’s debate.  Here they are:

1.  “Bridget Jones’s Diary”,  2001 . . . It has COLIN FIRTH in a reindeer sweater, a kiss in falling snow, and twinkling Christmas lights.

2.  “Trading Places”,  1983 . . . It’s set during Christmastime, but the filmmakers never intended for it to be perceived as a holiday movie, that’s why they released it in June.  Also, a pivotal scene takes place over New Year’s.

3.  “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”,  2005 . . . Father Christmas makes an appearance and hands the Pevensie kids presents.

4.  “Eyes Wide Shut”,  1999 . . . It opens with a fancy holiday party and there are lots of Christmas trees.

5.  “Gremlins”,  1984 . . . Gizmo was purchased as a Christmas gift and the entire movie takes place during the holidays.

6.  “Batman Returns”,  1992 . . . There’s a tree-lighting ceremony, mistletoe, and penguins with candy cane-striped torpedoes strapped to their backs.

7.  “While You Were Sleeping”,  1995 . . . It doesn’t mention Christmas, but the sweaters, snow, and familial love say otherwise.

8.  “Lethal Weapon”,  1987 . . . It opens to “Jingle Bell Rock”, it has a drug bust at a Christmas tree lot, and the film ends on Christmas Day.

9.  “Meet Me in St. Louis”,  1944 . . . There’s a Christmas Eve ball and it has the first version of JUDY GARLAND singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

10.  “Die Hard”,  1988 . . . You didn’t think this movie would be left off this list, did you?  BRUCE WILLIS has stated it’s NOT a Christmas movie, but the inclusion of Christmas songs and imagery like Santa hats and party decorations says otherwise.

Not to mention it takes place between Christmas Eve and Day.