Are We Done With the Shopping YET?

Hi it’s Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels all this week. Have you finished your Thanksgiving shopping yet?

I know a lot of people are not doing a big gathering this year. We’re not either, but I still feel like we need to have the whole Thanksgiving dinner anyway. I’ve been doing my shopping little by little, thought I had it finished when I went to the grocery store yesterday. I was there at about 1:00, and I know a lot of people have this week off, but I was still surprised at how long the lines were.

I ended up going to FIVE grocery stores yesterday!

So I’ve got a turkey, a vegetarian turkey for my vegetarian daughter, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin, sour cream, butter, garlic, green salad, whipping cream, cranberries, (4 different types!) evaporated milk… what did I forget?  I feel like there must be SOMETHING.

If you still need to do some holiday shopping, head out to Prisco’s Family Market or Cermak Fresh Market, both in Aurora, or Food Market La Chiquita in Montgomery. They’ll have everything you need, and you can pick up an extra bag for families in need, as part of our 13th Annual Food Drive.

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