Hi this is Leslie Harris in for Nick Jakusz, and you may have heard about a more recent form of meditation. Well, it’s not exactly meditation, it’s called mindfulness, and it’s exactly what it sounds like – being mindful of your surroundings, being mindful of your emotions, the taste of your food, even your breathing.

I know I’m often distracted, and sometimes I don’t remember what my food tasted like, and I’m definitely not aware of my emotions. Sometimes, I don’t even REALLY remember the drive to work.

A friend of mine who is a therapist, has her clients practice mindfulness, and there’s been studies that show that mindfulness can lead to feeling more positive, having better brain function, and other health benefits.

For me, it just makes my life a little easier. I tend to misplace a lot of things, so if I stop and mindfully put them where they belong, of course I’m going to find them a lot more easily.

But, the emotional part of it can also make a huge difference. If we are mindful of our true emotions, we can deal with whatever is bubbling under our everyday facade.

Have you tried mindfulness? Is it something that you think you might try, especially with the holidays coming up? Let me know in the comments

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