At First, The Rolling Stones Could Gather No Mas!

If you know me at all you probably know that I’m a big Rolling Stones fan! Have been for quite a while. They were my first concert back in Cleveland on June 25th, 1966. I think I’ve seen them 6 more times and was lucky enough to be the MC for their Soldier Field show July the 8th, 1978. Their longevity and their strength of performance only grows their legend and they really do still get it done. However their first go round here in the states was less than overwhelming. Audiences did not seem to take to a bunch of white British guys sounding black and playing blues rock. They’re stop in Chicago was eventful because of a visit and then a session at the legendary Chess Studios where they met some of their heroes like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Buddy Guy. The Stones also held a press conference on June 11th 1964, right on Michigan Avenue in front of Tribune Tower that caused such a stir that the police intervened. They were always pretty good at whipping up a fuss. I’m including an article by Greg Kot from a couple of years ago that is a great read and may fill in a few holes for you.

The Stones Just Can’t Shake The Chicago Blues. Click Here.