Aurora Nonprofit Offering Formal Dresses For Young Ladies For $25

This would have been something I normally would have missed. Thankfully, my wife pointed this out to me and explained how big of a deal it is.

Apparently, guys, those formal dresses ladies buy are pretty dang expensive! Dads probably know this if they have prom-aged daughters. Unfortunately, not ever family can afford to buy their daughters new dresses for those memorable teen-aged occasions like homecoming or prom. That’s where organizations like My Daughter’s Dress Boutique come in.

They take donated formal wear and offer them up at crazy-low prices so that – as their motto states – every girl and woman feels beautiful on their special day.

Well, the fine folks at MDDB are currently working overtime right now thanks to a HEFTY donation from Macy’s to the tune of 760 dresses! Not only prom dresses for teenagers, but outfits for little kids as well! Check it out!


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Now, I’m not going to lie…I would have bet you a dollar that those big box stores would have thrown away the dresses that they no longer could/wanted to sell (or at least recycled them). I am very happy to learn they get a new lease on life, and hundreds of girls and women will have something amazing to wear for their next occasion.

This particular organization has such a cool story, too! It started out with one woman who started a Facebook group a few years ago trying to connect people who had perfectly good formal dresses laying around with families in need. Now it’s a full-blown charitable organization doing great work in our own back yard!

If you happen to have a perfectly good dress hanging in your closet you bought a long time ago and only wore once, consider dropping it off at these fine folks at My Daughter’s Dress Boutique! They are open Thurs and Friday from 2p-6p and Sundays from noon-4p at 211 E. Galena Blvd in Aurora.

If this sounds like an organization you’d like to support, they have a fundraiser coming up in November called A Night on the Red Carpet. It’s slated for November 7th at Whitetail Ridge in Yorkville. Only 200 tickets are available (dang Covid).

Thank you to the people who run My Daughter’s Dress Boutique and all the other other locally run charities who don’t get the recognition you deserve. We see you. We thank you. Keep it up!