So the above picture shows framed programs from the 2014 Championship matches at Wimbledon.  They are both signed by the winners that year.  Both of those winners happen to be in the final this year at the Australian open.  So we will have to see if indeed Novak Djokovic  and Petra Kvitova get to share the spotlight again this year down under?

There is no denying the greatness that is Djokovic the tennis player.  He has had some ups and down both in his professional and personal life in recent years but seems to be back on track with both his family and his tennis game.   For the most part he is unstoppable but every now and again a crack will reveal itself in his game and his opponent will take full advantage.

Speaking of his opponent … the always lovely …. the always sportsmanlike and the always twitchy Rafael Nadal will be Novak’s opponent in Sunday’s final.  I would love to see Rafa win.  He has struggled with so many injuries and worked harder than most to always come back.   He has played phenomenally well throughout this tournament so honestly this one could be anyone’s game.

So if you fancy some live tennis you will have to get up at 2.30 a.m tomorrow morning to watch the ladies final and then do the same on Sunday morning to watch the men’s (However the matches will be repeated at a more reasonable hour later in the day.)